The Sketch - Limited Edition

The Sketch - Limited Edition


The SKETCH is more than a watch; it is a narrative, a journey from the drawing board to your wrist. It is a tribute to industrial design, a nod to the designers, the dreamers, and the creators. Every line, every detail, speaks of a commitment to excellence, a celebration of the beauty in the raw, unfiltered sketches that are the genesis of every great creation. Make The SKETCH yours, and wear a piece of history, a piece of art, and a testament to the beauty of industrial elegance.

Discover a limited run of 300 timepieces from the ELZ lab, Equiped with our Latest patented module from our ELZ lab, with a triple batteries system encased in durable stainless steel. Draped in a unique grey nylon sheath for sophistication, its stainless steel components are enhanced with a PVD treatment for resilience.

As night falls, two lithium batteries power a radiant 4 LED backlight, illuminating the intricate details and capturing the essence of a draftsman's sketch.

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