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63 Limited Timepiece & NFT Collection

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Delivery Early December 2023

Welcome to the Grand Union of Heritage, Innovation, and the Spirit of Disruption, Brought to LIFE by Group63 AMG in Dubai and ELZ_ The Electricianz, the Disruptive Swiss Watch Brand.

More Than a Timepiece Edition...

Each G63 Limited Timepiece goes Beyond the Ordinary. It comes Bundled with an Exclusive Non-Fungible Token (NFT), Granting you Privileged Creation to an Impressive Futuristic Carefully curated AMG masterpieces. This Coupling of Luxury Watches and NFT car Collection sets a New Standard in Innovation.

G63 AMG Limited - Edition+ NFT - ELZ X Group 63
G63 AMG Limited - Edition+ NFT - ELZ X Group 63
G63 AMG Limited - Edition+ NFT - ELZ X Group 63
G63 AMG Limited - Edition+ NFT - ELZ X Group 63
G63 AMG Limited - Edition+ NFT - ELZ X Group 63
G63 AMG Limited - Edition+ NFT - ELZ X Group 63

G63 AMG Limited - Edition+ NFT - ELZ X Group 63

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Introducing the groundbreaking G63 Limited Timepiece, born from the extraordinary collaboration between Group63 AMG, led by Khalid Al Mulla, and the disruptively innovative Swiss watch brand, The Electricianz (ELZ), spearheaded by Laurent The ELZ Captain.

In this one-of-a-kind offering, luxury watches converge with NFT car collections to redefine the essence of high-end products. Each meticulously crafted timepiece comes with a special Non-Fungible Token (NFT) that unlocks access to a virtual garage filled with exquisite AMG masterpieces.

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The timepiece features a 47mm to 46mm stainless steel case, wrapped in a carbon fiber & fiber glass sheath with a special stone finishing. The bezel, crown, and pusher are also made of stainless steel and come with a PVD treatment. A K1 hardened mineral glass with an anti-reflective coating and special printing covers the dial.

The multi-layer, semi-transparent dial houses the patented, in-house ELECTRIC MODULE from ELZ, coupled with a Miyota 82S0 Mechanical Movement. A dual lithium battery system powers the 4 LED backlighting system emitting a radiant red hue.

For a retail price of 985 USD (inclusive of the NFT), this exceptional blend of Swiss watchmaking artistry and automotive passion can be yours.

Available exclusively for the G63 Community on a Pre-Order Base from July 25th, 2023!

Delivery expected Early December 2023.

G63 Limited Timepiece Watch Specs

Case Diameter

47-46 mm // (No horns - 43-44mm Perceived size)

Opening Diameter


Strap Width

26mm / 22mm

Light Function

Light Function 4X LED 1.5A RED


Stainless Steel case with a Carbon Fiber & Fiber Glass
Sheath injected. Special Stone Finishing Case.

SS Bezel, Caseback, Crown & Pushers with Black PVD coating.


3 Hands, Patented In-house ELECTRIC MODULE
Coupled with a Miyota 82S0 Mechanical Movement
Double Lithium Batteries System dedicated to the 4
RED LED’s backlighting system

42 Hours // Power Reserve


K1 Hardened Mineral Glass with Anti-reflective coating
& Special Printing.

Water resistant



26mm // 22mm BLACK & RED Natural Rubber Strap
Stainless Steel Pin buckle with PVD treatment

Warranty Included

2 years

Number #


Exclusive Digital Content

The NFT is an exclusive, virtual futuristic car AMG masterpiece. It's not just about owning a luxury timepiece; it's about being part of an exclusive community of automotive enthusiasts and connoisseurs.

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Future-proof Ownership

As we continue to integrate digital elements into our lives, owning NFTs helps future-proof your collection. It's not just about the physical watch anymore; it's about the whole package – the history, the story, and the digital footprint that comes with the watch. You're not just buying a timepiece; you're investing in a piece of history and the future of luxury goods.

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Proof of Rarity

Every G63 Limited Timepiece is unique, and the accompanying NFT certifies this uniqueness. In the world of collectibles, rarity often enhances value.

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The G63 Limited Timepiece is a Unique Luxury watch Born from a Collaboration Between Group63 AMG and The Electricianz (ELZ) Brand. It Combines the Iconic AMG Legacy with ELZ's Disruptive Spirit, Offering an Unparalleled Blend of Elegance and Performance.

After pre-ordering, you can expect to receive your G63 Limited Timepiece by December 2023.

Yes, you can order more than one G63 Limited Timepiece unless specified otherwise due to limited stock.

Upon purchasing the G63 Limited Timepiece, you will be granted an NFT. It will involve setting up a digital wallet compatible with OpenSea and Polygon (the NFT platform where our NFT are stored). Then our team will ask for you public address to transfer your NFT to your personal wallet.

This collaboration is spearheaded by Khalid Al Mulla, Club Founder of Group 63, the world's largest AMG car group, and Laurent Rufenacht, ELZ Brand Founder. Their shared passion for automotive and watches has given birth to the G63 Limited Timepiece.

That's completely fine! Even if you're not interested in the NFT aspect of the G63 Limited Timepiece, you'll still own a meticulously crafted, one-of-a-kind luxury timepiece. We will keep the NFT until you'll be interested in getting it.