First 25 Limited Timepieces & NFT Collection.

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For the pioneers in style and technology - exclusive 25 pieces ever!

Each of the first 25 pieces of the ELZ watch sold will come with an exclusive NFT - a piece of digital art that perfectly complements your timepiece. Become part of the inaugural design journey of ELZ. These limited-edition NFTs are a testament to our dedication to innovation and exclusivity. Claim your piece of the future now. Limited stock available.

This is ELZ's Bionic Z

Our new designer, ELZA, has expertly crafted this watch to empower the strength and grace of the modern woman. Our watch features a White Ceramic Injected Case at a precise 42mm Size, enhancing your wrist's appeal while ensuring absolute comfort. Delivery from July 27th

The Bionic Z
The Bionic Z
The Bionic Z
The Bionic Z
The Bionic Z
The Bionic Z
The Bionic Z
The Bionic Z
The Bionic Z
The Bionic Z
The Bionic Z
The Bionic Z
The Bionic Z
The Bionic Z
The Bionic Z
The Bionic Z

The Bionic Z

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The Bionic Z: Embrace the future with the latest innovation from ELZ Lab. Seamlessly blending state-of-the-art technology with timeless elegance, this groundbreaking masterpiece defines what it means to be a techno-beauty.

Crafted with precision and elegance, the Bionic Z Edition is housed in a sleek 42mm stainless steel case, enhanced with a refined white MAT ceramic exterior that's been injected into a robust nylon sheath. With its hardy construction, this watch resists abrasion and stress cracking, and its paraffin-like structure ensures a soft, silky touch.

Gaze upon the multi-layer dial with its stunning semi-transparent blue plate and five vibrantly colored electrical cables, designed to captivate your senses

Light was conceived of as an integral part of the design: this is why 4 Warm White LED backlight the hour ring, giving it a spectacular look in the night-time.


Bionic Z Watch Specs

Case Diameter 42mm
Opening Diameter 34mm
Strap Width 20mm
Light Function YES
Case Stainless Steel case with a White MAT Ceramic
Mixed with Nylon Sheath. Stainless Steel Pusher, Bezel & Crown
Movement Exclusive Inhouse Electric module
Glass Hardened mineral K1 glass with anti-reflective coating
Water resistant 3 ATM
Strap White Natural Rubber Band // Stainless Steel Pin buckle.
Warranty Included 2 years


A vision from 2050

Not just a piece of digital art; it's a vision from the year 2050. Each NFT features ELZA's pioneering design of sunglasses, revealing her unique foresight into the future of fashion.

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Future-proof Ownership

As we continue to integrate digital elements into our lives, owning NFTs helps future-proof your collection. It's not just about the physical watch anymore; it's about the whole package – the history, the story, and the digital footprint that comes with the watch. You're not just buying a timepiece; you're investing in a piece of history and the future of luxury goods.

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A part of the future

With each purchase of the ELZ watch, you're not just acquiring a timepiece; you're securing a part of the future. You become a pioneer, a futurist, a part of a select few who can say they were there when the techno-revolution began.

Get your NFT

Owning one of these Timepiece & NFTs isn't just owning a piece of digital art; it's owning a vision of the future.


For the first 25 pieces sold, ELZ is offering a unique NFT, creating an exclusive collection of digital art that complements your watch. Owning this NFT is being part of the inaugural design journey of ELZ.

After pre-ordering, you can expect to receive your BIONIC Z by August 1st 2023. The NFT will be transferred to you within 3 days.

Yes, you can order more than one BIONIC Z Limited Timepiece unless specified otherwise due to limited stock.

Upon purchasing the Bionic Z Limited Timepiece, you will be granted an NFT. It will involve setting up a digital wallet compatible with OpenSea and Polygon (the NFT platform where our NFT are stored). Then our team will ask for your public address to transfer your NFT to your personal wallet.

But even if you're not interested in the NFT aspect of the Bionic Z, you'll still own a meticulously crafted watch. We will keep the NFT until you are interested in getting it.

This collaboration is spearheaded by Khalid Al Mulla, Club Founder of Group 63, the world's largest AMG car group, and Laurent Rufenacht, ELZ Brand Founder. Their shared passion for automotive and watches has given birth to the G63 Limited Timepiece.

That's completely fine! Even if you're not interested in the NFT aspect of the Bionic Z, you'll still own a meticulously crafted watch. We will keep the NFT until you are interested in getting it.

The Bionic Z is timepiece crafted by our visionary designer, ELZA. With a White Ceramic Injected Case, 42mm size, and K1 Hardened Mineral Glass, it represents a fusion of underground innovation, cyber elegance, and cutting-edge technology.

The Bionic Z watch features a multi-layer construction with a Semi-Transparent Blue Plate and more than 50+ meticulously assembled components. It is equipped with a patented module with LEDs, offering a perfect night vision experience.

You can purchase the Bionic Z watch directly from our website. Hurry, as the offer for the exclusive NFT with the first 25 purchases is limited. Delivery from July 27th.

We have a 14-day return policy. Please check our Return and Refund Policy page for complete details.

This is not just a timepiece. Order now to secure your watch and exclusive NFT. Join the revolution.