THE ELECTRICIANZ & their distribution partner in Romania, Albini Prassa, support the NGO Free Miorița. Together, we bring light into people's home.

Energy poverty is a major challenge across eastern EU countries. In Romania, 100'000 households, primarily in rural areas, are not yet connected to the electricity grid. "Light for Romania", a campaign launched by Free Miorița, tackles this issue by equipping schools, homes and even churches, with solar panels and low-energy lighting systems. Iulian Angheluță, founder of Free Miorița, says: “We continue our collaboration with Albini Prassa because time and light are naturally combined... We both want to reach every single person.”


168 families already enjoy a slightly more confortable situation while the campaign goes on. Ion Schiau, president of Albini Prassa, says: "We will keep supporting Free Miorița for as long as possible. Our humble contribution led to improve the life of 17 families. Free Miorița does an extraordinary job throughout the country! ”  



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