The Hybrid Mechanical Time Display

In Production // Available in 2022

This HMTD is a stunning Dual Core Machine & A Major INNOVATION for the Watch INDUSTRY!
This innovation is the result of the exceptional hybridization of a mechanical watch movement and an on-board electroluminescent system. 
A unique symbiosis in the world of watchmaking creation and which required nearly two years of work!
Equipped with a high-precision Automatic Self-winding movement, each of the 7 references of the HYBRID MECHANICAL series are augmented by an autonomous technological module of our design with 10 micro-LEDs.


_5 LEDs to chase away the darkness &
_5 LEDs to have fun with a RETROGRADE second simulation.


We know beauty is in the details so we took care of the design.

_A 316L Stainless Steel case with Glass Box construction 
_A functional & stylized PCB (Printed Circuit Board)
_A multi-layered architectural dial opening on the balance wheel
_A semi-transparent case back & many other features…



WHY ?  Ever seen 10 micro-LEDs light inside a watch?

_By Day, a watch with a powerful design!

_By Night, an incredible Light experience!


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