Become an Affiliate!

We've been growing for the past few months, and as we do, we want you to grow with us. As you know, The Electricianz is heavily invested in creating an active online community of #Voltloverz. As a means of consolidating these efforts and activating our community, we are now offering the possibility of becoming an affiliate with our new brand! 

What does it mean? 
Yes, it is as good as it sounds: becoming an affiliate means you'll be able to get financial retribution every time someone from your network purchases their own The Electricianz watch or products. We are currently offering 10% of each deal closed as our entry-level retribution. It's very simple: your friend buys the Ammeter? You get 10% of the Ammeter's price. Why not?

How does it work? 

Once you've signed up for our affiliates programme, we discuss opportunities to collaborate and provide you with your affiliate's portfolio - hear: cool creatives to put on your website, blog, or social media. It is then up to you to decide how and when to use it. No strings attached: you don't have to close deals, but you have the option to. When you close deals, you get a retribution. No penalties if you don't. And, of course, you can quit the programme at any time.

Give it a shot! December is a great time for affiliation. Apply here, or contact us should you have any further questions: contact@the-electricianz.com.

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